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Customizable Text Including Dyslexia Fonts Will Make Your Website More User Friendly


What’s right for some doesn’t necessarily work for the next person. Customization isn’t always just a question of preference either. Sometimes, it’s a necessity. Being able to adjust the text is crucial for people with low vision and dyslexia. Getting proper code on websites can be quite complicated but if you don’t want to do […]

Web Accessibility, Get a Different Perspective For Text To Speech

“Some people can’t see the text on this screen.” Fortunately, computers can convert text to speech. It’s technology that many people who are blind have been relying on for years. But it’s also important for many people with dyslexia and very useful for people who have difficulty reading text. It’s also useful for some people […]

Did you know ADA Lawsuits Target Non-compliant Websites?

Lawsuits targeting websites for ADA violations headline LA Times

A fight for accessibility is an ongoing issue on the web, and USA business owners are being sued over a violation you’ve probably never heard of. But if you think the ADA is limited to ramps and parking spaces, think again. People with many forms of vision impairment have had to learn to navigate the […]

Browsing with a desktop screen reader

Screen reader

Screen readers announce everything on a web page and within applications. All static text is spoken, including paragraphs of text, headings and lists. Screen readers also announce additional information, such as text, descriptions for images, visually hidden text and the names of landmark regions (for example, the main header banner and footer) when browsing web […]

How To Avoid An ADA Website Compliance Lawsuit With Ease

What is ADA Website Compliance? ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act and your website has to abide by Title 3 of that Act to be compliant. Without applying the required standards within it, your website is likely to be inaccessible to users with disabilities. If this is the case, it also makes you […]