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Meet the Founders

Web Design & Marketing

Emma Web Design & Marketing

As one of the co founders of Activate ADA, I would just like to say a few words about why I’m passionate about helping website owners make their websites ADA and WCAG compliant.

I’m actually ashamed to say, I’ve been building websites on and off for 30 years, and until I met my business partners, it had never even crossed my mind that people with disabilities have probably never even been able to visit any of the websites I’ve built. This realization shocked me.

I’ve always been a caring person. Considerate, helpful, friendly. Would always offer a warm smile and a helping hand if I crossed paths with someone with a disability, and it’s easy to hold a door open, or reach for something for someone in a wheelchair for example, because it’s right there in front of me. But not once had it crossed my mind about how they use the internet. This is what shocked me most.

I spend probably around 16 hours a day on the internet. It’s my job, and my entertainment (I stopped watching TV 20 plus years ago!), so if I was suddenly unable to access the web, my life would end (well it would feel like it!). And since we started researching and preparing to launch Activate ADA, we have found only around 10% of websites have installed easy to use software that helps disabled people, and even less that are fully coded for accessibility.

So the thought of only having decent access to up to 10% of the internet was doubly shocking!  And this is what drives me. We need to help as many websites as possible add accessibility software, not just to comply with ADA & WCAG but because they want to be inclusive! 

Do you want to be inclusive? If the answer is yes, download our eBook, or book a call with us today and let us get your website accessible.

CEO & Software Solutions

CEO Danny

As a founder of Activate ADA I had been working on internet projects for many years to bring more interesting and creative interaction into the multimedia space.

This has given me an opportunity to help my son access the world of knowledge through the internet. But that is a special mission of mine As he sadly had accessibility disabilities and I continuously felt there must be better access to opportunity online.

I realised there is an opportunity to work with my close colleagues to combine our skill sets in an important endeavour to bring accessibility technology to every website, from small to large so that so many more people can read, listen and focus on the core content when they need it.

My many years in video communications taught me that everybody should be able to access their interest in the immensely powerful way the internet can help. My son is no exception to this. Why should he or any other person with a sight, hearing or concentration problem not be cared for?

Anything worthwhile putting on the internet should be accessible by all.

The Americans with Disabilities Act and the WCAG has this concern at its heart.

Hence Activate ADA was born.

We are so driven that we wish to build long term clients who want to help their customers be confident and safe online. Our software is exciting comprehensive technology specifically developed to help any website be compliant.

Let’s help improve the integrity of the internet and improve it for all.

Customer Service Manager

Jill Customer Service Manager

I live in Spokane, WA and have worked in customer service for more than 20 years.

The hallmark of good customer service, is that potential customers fully understand what they are going to buy, before they purchase. There should be no surprises, no tricks and no heavy techniques that push people into unwanted sales. Getting it right in the first place means that customers are happy with their purchase and therefore more likely to benefit and stay with you.

Regarding The Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, I believe strongly that the correct resources should be made available for people living with disabilities and there is still a long way to go, especially concerning modern websites. It really is an obvious choice to make websites disability friendly. It’s inexpensive to achieve because of modern technology and actually, less complicated to undertake than one might suppose. And it can definitely help change the quality of peoples’ lives.

I believe many companies do not undertake the website update because the thought of it is quite daunting; and why take on another problem when there are others to solve? But there are good reasons to do it, which include helping your customers, improving revenue and complying with American law, whether or not one is in fear of prosecution. 

“We don’t just wear a seat belt so we don’t get a ticket. We wear one because it’s in the best interest of ourselves and others on the road.”

It is important for people with questions to talk to Activate ADA and to understand exactly what is involved. A telephone call or an online meeting is quick and will help to clarify the process. There will be no hard-sell persuasion – just plain simple information. We are here to help.

Why It's Important To Make Your Website Accessible

There are many reasons why it’s important to make your website accessible to people with disabilities. Especially if you have an online business or online store. It’s not just because you want to be nice, but it’s also because this is what people expect when they go online.

If you don’t make your website accessible for people who are disabled, you are losing out on potential customers.

When you make your website accessible, you will be able to reach a much larger audience. In fact you’ll be able to reach around a billion customers with disabilities, who would otherwise be unable to visit your website.

It’s also important to make your website accessible for people in other countries as well. There are many people who travel internationally and it’s important that they can access your website. If they can’t, then you could lose out on hose extra sales.

If you don’t make your website accessible, you may even attract a lawsuit for your business. Because more online businesses are being targeted for not complying with accessibility regulations such as the ADA. These days everyone relies heavily on the internet for daily living so all people with varying abilities need access to all websites without discrimination.

It’s so quick and easy with our software, you could be fully accessible as quick as tomorrow, and the cost should be offset in the long run by the extra business you’ll attract. Not just from the new customers that can access your website, but from the higher rankings in the search engines, win win!

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